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I've been bouncing back and forth between markings... and I just cannot make up my mind.

So, lets to a sort of poll.

Do you want to see:

Swedish Air Force (Swedish Flygvapnet) markings
Hungarian Air Force (Hungarian Magyar Légierő) markings
Czechoslovakian Air Force (Vzdušné síly Armády České republiky) markings

If you don't know what the markings look like... google it, they come right up.
What do you think would look better for planes 1941 onwards in the Luftwaffe:

RLM 74/75 with 65 instead of 76?
RLM 81/82/83 with 65 instead of 76?

Or it would look better as if with the 74/75/81/82/83 with the light grey I am using now?
Hello everyone in SBN, just wanted to give everyone a few updates and minor changes. Over the next few days we will be cleaning up our gallery (it has got a little unruly) and have tweaked a couple of settings. first up is our "featured folder" which will be cleaned out in till we decided what to do with it (not to fear, if your work is in there it will be moved to its respective folder) the "featured" will now also require a vote, so in till we decide on what to do with it, please submit to regular folders. We would love to hear suggestions on what we should use our "featured" for.
The journal entries will require one vote just for control reasons. We of course love hearing from everyone and feel free to write journal entries for the group.

Winter group build:
As school starts again and fall is fast approaching, we would love to have a group build over the winter. We of course would love to hear from all of you about what the theme should be. We want it to be fun for everyone so suggestions that would make it so everyone (ships, planes, armor ect) could participate would be great!

let us know and we look forward from hearing from you.
As you might have noticed, I spent more or less the last days building and painting Revellīs Hawker Typhoon in 1:32. Today was going to be the decalising day, but the decals cracked and those were the only ones I had for that plane
It came to my mind the idea of repainting it and making a German Typhoon, just like one original captured by the Germans.
I have two planes, one He 111 H22 and a Do 217 from Monogram/ProModeler which wonīt be decorated, so I thought about those decals. The thing is that I have no idea of which ones should I use.
I leave this link to a page in which you can search and see the planes intructions and itīs decals (this is for the Do 217 decals):…

And for the Heinkel ones:……

my cast is off and im back i have a couple models comming up

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